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At the beginning of October, We’ve decided my partner, Sarah, and I to direct a short music video for the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros well known for the song “Home”. It is a competition where anyone can pick a song from their latest album and make a video out of it.

We only had 20 days left to wrapped up the video. We decided for simplicity togo for a documentary style and don’t use any actors. We took the small Canon Camera and capture on a Sunday morning the life at the Wellington Market. We added this images to some old footage of a crazy sunny day I filmed early on and start working on the animation of some sequences. The big challenge was to find the right tone of drawing and the right elements to draw one. Sarah did a pretty nice Job and manage to be extremely patient. She also cut out a good bunch of shark that I could then animate. Each one of them had a name and its own personality. We have to acknowledge here the amazing work of this guys on the making of Shark Wall. The video is tribute to their work.

The final result is very dynamic editing that matchs pretty well our initial ideas. Even if we don’t become the official video, our music video will always be for us a nice souvenir of a beautiful sunny day in Wellington, the city we still live in.

Follow the link to discover the video:

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