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The 20min movie will be release by the end of 2013.

Friday 27th June, was officially the last day of the Park Road Post Lab and in the same time the end of the commercial use of film in New Zealand. This fantastic lab processed over the last 70 years footages from local news report as well as footages from the big movies such as King Kong,  The Lord of the rings or Lovely Bones.


The making of a documentary seemed to be required in such a situation it`s why with my friend Victor Naveira we collected over he last 6 moths images of the day to day work and experiences of the lab employees. We wanted to avoid any historical researsh to focus more on the human artisanal aspect of film processing. The quantity of data we gathered is hug and it`s now with time and patience that I`m getting through these fragment of life hoping to respect and honnor the spirit of the Last Lab.

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