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A young student mysteriously shrinks to the size of his comic book, and delves into the depths of an imaginary world.  He decides to explore this new world which is full of surreal and unexpected surprises.

Special Effect - 5min

Editor / Animator


The Marcel Comix screenplay was written from a selection of the crew’s personal ideas to showcase various special effects techniques. There was not a designated director for this shoot as each crew member had a day and a half to direct a sequence each. For each sequence the roles of the technical crew rotated as well as the director. The alternation of tasks enabled each crew member to familiarize themselves with all the situations and responsibilities on the set, except for the make-up and acting.Each crew member belongs to the 2008-2011 year group at Louis Lumière the National Film, Photography and Sound Engineering School, who are majoring in special effects.


Competition is fierce for entering the school with over four hundred people sitting the entrance exam each year, and only sixteen that get accepted. The school has a very professional approach to the film-making industry, and strives to produce films of an exceptionally high caliber. All the students have different ideas and career paths in mind, but it is clear the Marcel Comix experience was one that accommodated everyone’s visions and styles. After ten days of shooting, and one month of post-production, the Louis Lumière students have achieved a true collaborative result.


In 2011, Fred travelled to Beijing to represent the group of filmmakers at a prestigious film festival where the film had been selected. It has also had festival selections in New Zealand, Ireland, France, Russia, Morocco, the United States, and South Korea.

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