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This short documentary focusses on the charitable work of New Zealander Jean Watson, who established an orphanage and school in India for under-privileged children. By the use of archive footage and voice over, the film depicts the numerous years Jean has dedicated to the cause.

Reportage - 01:23

Director  / Editor

mars 2013

The project was initiated by Shobita Jones in order to be screened a few weeks later during a charitable art auction night in Wellington. She came to the editing suite with hours of footage captured by volunteers during their trips to the city of Nikolattai where it all takes place.

​The deadline was tight but the challenge to capture Jean's story in a few minutes was certainly interesting. More than 300 people watched the final product on a large screen during the event. It was also privately shown to the entire staff of the prestigious post-production company Park Road Post.

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